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First bulletin sent to targeted industry partners for feedback

18 August 2016
The first set of bulletins have been sent to a small group of test stakeholders for their feedback.
These chlorophyll maps (right) of the Cornish coast from 18th - 24th July show some higher concentrations near land, but lower further out in the bay. Any firm indication of the bloom species or whether this will be harmful cannot be confirmed but the Karenia HAB risk map indicates some red areas, for which the ocean colour spectrum is similar to known blooms of Karenia mikimotoi (or similar dinoflagellate species). The red is brightest near to Hope Cove, with lower risk on the St Austell side.

A biotoxin model has also been developed to forecast toxin levels in the water of the target areas. This is currently being tested against direct sampling levels and will be available in future bulletins.

Biotoxin forecast (week commencing 1st August 2016) This is the initial stage of bulletin development, working with industry partners to iron-out any immediate issues. We will then invite feedback from a wider stakeholder group selected from registered users. If you would like to be included in the wider testing group for this state-of-the-art bulletin service for the Cornwall region, then please register here or email