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Note from the Principal Investigator

29 November 2017
Dr Peter Miller, from Plymouth Marine Laboratory and ShellEye's Principal Investigator, summerises the progress made so far on Phase 2 of the ShellEye project.

The last months have seen considerable activity across the entire ShellEye project. After a major phase of software development, we are now operationally processing the latest ocean colour data from the Sentinel-3 satellite, together with prototype identification of harmful algal blooms (HABs) at the finer 300m resolution.

We have shared sample data with all of our pilot stakeholders for the new regions, in the form of test bulletins for feedback so that we can best address the requirements of aquaculture farmers. Comments so far have been positive and there have been some great suggestions from our stakeholders on how the bulletins can be improved for users.

Models have been developed to assess environmental risk factors for E.coli at two new sites, and are now being evaluated. We have also been out on the water to gather further samples of HAB species to train the satellite algorithms.

Meanwhile we are chipping away at the longer term goals of an improved web interface to the satellite and model bulletins, and assessing the regional risk of certain HAB types. We look forward to sharing more progress with you as we approach near-real time pilot trials next year.